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The Wellness Express

Check in each month for the latest "The Wellness Express" Weekly newsletter, giving you the latest in health and wellness from leading researchers and health advocates. I also encourage you to do the weekly exercises on the right front page. Adding these exercises can have a profound effect on your over all spinal health.
Any questions please feel free to give Dr. Eldridge a call or ask on your next visit.

January 2014 - 1 Infant Torticollis and Chiropractic
January 2014 - 2 It's Cold and Flu Season
January 2014 - 3 What is Arthritis and How Does It Affect You
January 2014 - 4 Too Much Sugar Over the Holidays?

February 2014 - 1 Before You Consider Knee Meniscal Surgery...
February 2014 - 2 Do Antibiotics Make You Well or Sick?
February 2014 - 3 Children and Chiropractic Care
February 2014 - 4 Melatonin - More than a Sleep Aid?

March 2014 - 1 Chiropractic and Low Back Pain
March 2014 - 2 Sleeping With the Right Pillow
March 2014 - 3 Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
March 2014 - 4 Five Reasons to Stop Using Antibacterial Soap